The Executive Office Of The President

The Executive Office of the President is an organization in the U.S. executive branch that consists of several agencies throughout the administrative body of government. The President appoints these agencies and individuals as officers,agents,and employees and then uses them to carry out their assigned duties. These officials are elected to a term by the members of Congress and can serve until the end of a particular presidency or two terms of a new administration. The role and responsibility of each of these agencies and individuals are delegated to them by the president,who appoints them. The EOP also provides oversight to other parts of government agencies,such as the Cabinet officers.
This agency is responsible for the nation’s national security adviser. The national security adviser oversees the nation’s defense and foreign policy. He or she coordinates the policies,plans,and activities of all agencies of government to protect the national security of America. The secretary of state is also appointed by the president as the top official in his cabinet and he serves as the main advisor to the president on all matters of policy. The secretary of defense is also a part of the EOP and he is responsible for the nation’s defense. Finally,the secretary of homeland security serves as the director of all federal agencies related to the security of America.
As you can see,there are many different jobs and responsibilities that can be found within this office. Each of these jobs have their own responsibilities and they are usually quite unique,but they all have one common goal and that is to protect the American people. They all have to meet a certain minimum standard to be appointed as an officer,agent,or employee of this office.